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“The Reuters/University of Michigan sentiment index fell to the
lowest since the ’82 recession amid higher food and fuel prices,
and falling home values. Consumers’ views about their own finances
also plunged. The 1-year inflation outlook rose to the highest since
October ’90, while the 1-year economic view sank.”1

People are worried. Is this the end of Western Civilization as we
know it?

Will we be forced to dine on spam and beans, grow sprouts and
taters in our yards, barter with silver coins, bicycle to our day-labor
jobs and follow our forefathers and foremoms to government-
sponsored bread lines? Depression? The dreaded “D” word
abounds from mouths of media pundits—mostly without expression.
More and more believe it to be around the corner, now that we have
an admitted food shortage and an epidemic of “upside down”

Did you know that two of the greatest bull markets in stocks in
American history began in 1982 and 1990?

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Dollar Crisis Opportunities


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