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Hi, I’m Grant Hall, author of Privacy Crisis.Many people say you can’t bank anonymously in the United States. They’re wrong. I bank anonymously, and now you can too.I’ve summarized some of the key strategies I use and have included them in an email InfoSeries. It’s yours for the asking.

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Reader Testimonial: Living peacefully without my Stalker

“The ultimate book on working and living privately, your book may have saved my life. Following two years of being stalked by an ex husband who beat me so badly I lost hearing in one ear and suffered multiple concussions, I began to look for a solution. Law enforcement and the court system provided none. Your book and my dedication to living a private existence has resulted in no contact from him for the last seven months. I took the children and “disappeared.”

I have been able to continue my work as an X-ray technician while using a front entity to receive the payments for my work. My name and Social Security number remain off of all data bases. My kids and I are safe. I recommend Privacy Crisis to all women who seek solutions to a stalking ex husband or boyfriend.

Thank you very much.”

K. M., Western U.S.A.

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