Obama Birth Certificate Demand Proof of Citizenship
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By Grant Hall 

Billboard banners question his birth place, half a million petitioners demand proof of eligibility, lawyers on both coasts file cases demanding the case be heard, and the man who occupies your white house continues to spend money on legal fees to avoid proving his eligibility to serve as President of the United States of America. Is it not time to settle this matter? Produce a birth certificate, Mr. Obama.

The main stream media attempts to brand anyone-guest or others, as “birthers,” and label them as cult-like, trouble makers and conspiracy theorists for questioning Obama’s birth place rather than entertain a rational discussion and a sound analysis of the facts. Why not question anything and everything you so desire about your government or an elected official? It is your government.

What about the lawyers fighting to get the case before a judge? Are they “birthers,” too? Lawyers get into trouble for filing frivolous lawsuits.

Orly Taitz and Phil Berg are two such attorneys who have been at the forefront of the Obama birth certificate legal question-without the success to have the case heard in a United States court of law. And why? Is it not a legitimate question? Of course it is a legitimate question. Address the question of your birth place, Mr. Obama.

If you or I who were questioned concerning our eligibility for our careers, we would voluntarily answer the questions or risk a hearing and be forced to do so. If a sixteen year old showed up to get a driver license without proof of their birth place, they would be turned away until such documents were produced.
Would you like to know that your commander in chief is eligible for his office?

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