Battle for Medical Identity Theft Survival
Privacy Crisis the Book About Protecting Your Identity

Your Battle For Medical Identity Theft Survival
By Grant Hall

Medical treatment can be obtained from providers who require patients to identify themselves without the risk of medical identity fraud. Indeed, medical identity fraud can be costly and identity criminals have committed identity crimes against consumers successfully. For example, Joe Ryan's name and Social Security number were used by a convict who was treated in a hospital that sent the real Ryan a $44,000 bill for the services according to an article entitled, "The Scary Truth about Medical Identity Theft," and this example may make consumers wary of providing their most vulnerable personal identifiers, their Social Security number and date of birth to hospitals and other medical providers.

According to a physician who recently provided treatment to this author, the age of the patient in actual years is sufficient for making medical treatment decisions and the date of birth is not a primary piece of treatment planning information. Likewise, the Social Security number is not a treatment requirement. These two identifiers are best left off medial applications for services for the purpose of personal privacy and data protection. Identity thieves rely heavily on the Social Security number and date of birth for their consumer fraud crimes.

Are you concerned about a hospital or Medical Doctor's patient identification or admission form "requirements?" Every piece of information provided for identity purposes is negotiable. In order to avoid the costly expenses of medical identity theft fraud, consumers may opt to explain their personal privacy requirements to physicians and other medical providers rather than risk the hazards of medical identity theft.

Through the use of practical and effective communication, your privacy can be maintained while complying with reasonable and necessary information requirements by medical providers. Avoid identity theft through privacy living principles necessary to protect identity and money from theft.


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