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The Betty Stanton Story

The following is an actual case history. Names and events have been changed to protect the innocent. The name “Betty Stanton” is an alternate name and her story may become a series of privacy articles.

Betty Stanton knows about suffering. She understands the physical pains of an abusive ex-husband’s threats that turn into life threatening reality. She’s had to deal with a dangerous, persistent stalker in real time while under fire.

No one helped Betty Stanton when she needed the system to work. Not the court system, their army of social workers who are paid to intervene and assist in such cases, not her lawyer, and not the police. After five years, a broken arm, bruises throughout her body-suffered from on-going beatings, a concussion, and a damaged eye, Betty prepared and took responsibility for her safety. She did what is sometimes necessary to escape a dangerous, obsessive, criminal, stalker.

She learned how to be invisible. In her own words, she explained the techniques she used to Grant Hall during a confidential interview. The discussion below is reproduced from taped interviews with the consent of the woman who the system would not help:

“I’d reached a point of desperation in my life. I would show up at work with bruises and red eyes from crying and no sleep. Everyone knew what was going on. No one helped me. One day I decided it was time. A light went off. I realized I was on my own.”

“I packed my car with everything of value I could take. I drove fourteen hundred miles, checked into a cheap motel under a different name and prepared to settle in a new city. Within a week, I had rented an apartment under an alternate name. I never had my credit checked or paid a big deposit. I just told the manager I needed a place to live and she rented it to me with a three month lease. I never showed her identification, provided references or told her where I worked. It really wasn’t so hard. You see, I knew what I had to have. I had to have total secrecy in order to survive. It did not bother me that I had to interview with four property managers to get what I wanted-a home without a way to be tracked through privacy invasive databases kept by credit bureaus and other companies and agencies. My life depended on it. And when the stakes are that high, you just do what it takes to succeed. And now I live under an alternate identity and he can’t find me.

Hall, Grant, Privacy Crisis: Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living, 2006, James Clark King, LLC,
Copyright: James Clark King, LLC, September 5, 2009

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