Privacy Crisis the Book About Protecting Your Identity
Privacy Crisis Book Stop Identity Theft, Stalkers, Private Investigaters and Escape Wage Garnishments, Civil Lawsuits and Personal Privacy Intrsuions

Protect your Identity and Prevent Identity Theft

Use Financial Privacy principles for Banking Secrecy

Gain freedom from Internet Stalking

Have Workplace privacy and employee privacy

All while following all privacy laws.

PRIVACY CRISIS: Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living
- E-book available for IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD.


We offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are dissatisfied for any reason.
Dear Friend,
Are you worried about wage garnishments, IRS liens or a home lien? Concerned that you may suffer abuse as do the stalking victims who become dangerous targets of internet stalkers, a street stalker or a telephone stalker? Do you fear your home privacy is in jeopardy and your once secure mail and private email are no longer safe? Will your good name become a stolen identity and be used as a false identity by an identity thief?

Learn how to protect your assets, avoid identity theft, create an offshore address for protecting privacy, and win the dangerous stalker game by living under the stalker radar.

Financial privacy is guaranteed through the use of a trust bank account, credit fraud protection, the use of an anonymous safe deposit box, check cashing services, and legal asset protection.
You can have security and workplace privacy, a consumer privacy necessity today as the monitoring of employees continues to threaten employees’ personal privacy.

Our business e-book, Privacy Crisis; Identity theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living by privacy expert, Grant Hall explains how to do all of this and much more.

Your company will avoid the huge expense of a business identity theft and your good name will not be ruined by an identity thief when you learn identity theft prevention through home privacy, banking secrecy, secret travel, and workplace privacy. Neither you nor your family will become stalking victims as you learn how to freeze credit, get a new identity for privacy-if necessary and develop financial privacy and legal asset protection so strong that no one can pierce it-not the IRS, a judgment for damages from a court, or any creditor.

We offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are dissatisfied for any reason.

You can bank anonymously, develop home privacy, enjoy secret travel as you drive-no matter who runs your plates, and have total workplace privacy when you practice Grant Hall’s proven principles and concepts as explained in Privacy Crisis; Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living.

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Grant Hall’s
Privacy Crisis eBook: Avoid Seizures, hide assets, bank annonymously, get total financial privacy now!

Privacy Crisis; The Best Privacy Book on the Internet

ONLY $37.00

Grant Hall reveals his secret privacy principles and concepts in the #1 Security Book, PRIVACY CRISIS: Identity Theft Prevention Plan & Guide to Anonymous Living.

This information is not available in any other publication. Learn from Grant Hall, author & Privacy Advocate How to:

Bank Anonymously.
You can practice complete banking secrecy IN THE U.S.A. All while protecting your money and maintaining complete control over your finances as explained in PRIVACY CRISIS!



Learn to use an alternate identity LEGALLY for privacy. Follow the path of GRANT HALL who successfully used an alternate name for FOUR YEARS to avoid private investigators and all court appearances - LEGALLY.

We challenged the competition and won


The average identity theft costs nearly $3,000.00 and hundreds
or thousands of hours to fix. Avoid a privacy invasion with lifestyle
changes as described in Privacy Crisis: Identity Theft Prevention
Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living by privacy expert, Grant Hall.
We beat the competition in all identity theft risk categories.

Privacy Crisis E-Book vs Lifelock
Identity Theft Risk
Privacy Crisis E-Book
Snail Mail
Mail Nominee, receive mail away from home
No change. Receive mail at home address
Home Privacy
Rent in Pen Name, Own home in a Trust’s name
No change to owned or rented residence
Total banking secrecy information. Anonymous Safe deposit box, Trust checking account, check cashing service,  Partnership holds investments
No change to personal banking
Trust owned car, anonymous travel
No change to personal automobile
Anonymous Employment through privacy principles
No work security for identity theft prevention
Credit Bureau Files
Freeze credit files
Fraud alerts
Personal information theft
Not necessary once privacy lifestyle measures are in place
eRecon used to search known criminal web sites for illegal selling and trading of personal information. True address alerts customer of unauthorized address changes.
Lost Wallet
Practice privacy living principles as described in Privacy Crisis e-Book
Assistance with documents, property recovery, fraud prevention
Total cost of e-Book is $37.00
$110.00 annually

Our readers are thrilled with Privacy Crisis: Identity Theft
Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living
by Grant Hall.

Non-fiction books are information books. That means our book’s
content has to provide the best and most up to date information in
order to defeat the competition. That’s our goal and we have
accomplished it. We stand by our claim that Privacy Crisis is the
best privacy book in the world.

Grant Hall, privacy expert and author teaches his methods of
money and home privacy secrets in this educational, privacy
book-information that is revealed only in Privacy Crisis.
Hall has
been practicing the privacy lifestyle for many years and covers all
aspects of business and personal privacy in the best-selling
privacy eBook on the internet, Privacy Crisis.

Hide your money from the government and wage garnishments legally
e-Book Reader Testimonials
Here’s what experts and readers are
saying about PRIVACY
by Grant

Bullet Point Testimonial "Privacy Crisis helped me solve a lot of
problems about how to use money, make
business and purchase merchandise
without the corrupt government having to
know everything that I do. As a anti-IRS
advocate there are many ways to work
around them and actually live comfortable
without using your own name. I don't do
anything illegal, but I just like the comfort
of knowing I can't be trapped into their

Bullet Point Testimonial "When people say "I can't get my checks
cashed, I say "read Grant Hall".

When people tell me privacy is gone, I say
"you haven't read Grant Hall".

When I hear complaints that snoops and
dangerous do-gooders are everywhere, I
agree, and say "but you haven't read Grant

Last time I mentioned Grant to a friend I
was telling him that for a few bucks, he
could be reading the answers to his
frustrating privacy puzzles within minutes
if he downloads "Privacy Crisis", by Grant
Hall. I told him the great lesson I see in
Grant's book is that intelligent
inventiveness and Yankee ingenuity
will never die. His facial expression
changed from angry to enlightened,
and I knew he was going to buy Grant
Hall's great book... "Privacy Crisis".

Now in my mid - 60's I wish I understood
the fundamental urgency for privacy and
keen discretion as a younger man in this
world of nosy snoops. I now know the
value of privacy in an unfree world.
Privacy is my motto and my modus, my
ticket to freedom nothing else can
afford..."Privacy Crisis" is an important
tool to be considered at the outset of
any sensitive issue.

“Privacy Crisis” is a book that can bring
practitioners layers of insulation from
intruders and re-establishing being in
actual and complete control. Bravo
Grant, “Privacy Crisis” is a treasure!


Bullet Point Testimonial "I have to say, your book is the
best book on privacy I've ever read, by far.
I have read a number of other privacy-
oriented books, including J.J. Luna's How
to be Invisible
, Michael Chesbro's The
Privacy Handbook
and Robert Mintz's The
Privacy Plan
(and several others). These
books have useful perspectives but are
not in the same league as your book..."
David Jack Quilty (alternate name)
The Privacy Crisis in America is Real.

DIVORCED AND SINGLE DADS. Are you divorced? Accused of being a dead beat dad? Worried about child support collection and garnished wages? Concerned about a lien on property?

Did you make the dead beat dad list even though your child support is paid up and you owe nothing? These mistakes happen time and time again. In fact, many accused deadbeat parents are not in arrears.

We encourage all parents to support their children and to follow all applicable laws in their jurisdiction.

Have you given up on the system and the theft of your consumer privacy? Do you want to live off the grid and use a pen name?

Our e-book, Privacy Crisis has THREE full chapters on Identification and creating a new identity is covered in detail.

Your Purchase is 100% Guaranteed if you are dissatisfied for any reason, whatsoever.

Do you want to know how to disappear and never be found? We can help.

Privacy Crisis; Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living by privacy expert, Grant Hall will help you in creating a new identity. ALL LEGAL.

While creating a new identity is legal, readers are advised to check laws in their location prior to assuming a new identity.

Author, Grant Hall successfully escaped investigators’ summons over a period of four years, and had no court damages while advised by counsel to do so. Do you need to learn how to disappear and never be found?

Divorced Dads escape government wage garnishments

You can have personal privacy and employee privacy as you learn domain privacy secrets, avoid a garnishment of wages, and discover cash banking without a bank, and the use of a trust bank account for banking secrecy. Workplace privacy can be accomplished through Hall’s Trust Manager Principle so that no one has any idea who is behind the entity receiving payment on your behalf. And businesses can be controlled by you- legally and anonymously.

STOP believing the talking heads and story teller authors who tell you that privacy living is a thing of the past! Today, you have the opportunity to exercise your privacy rights and beat the system when you have the right information.

Learn how to have home privacy, banking secrecy, and the benefits of secret travel. Our privacy book gives you information on protecting privacy and data protection that is not found in any other publication.

You can avoid court damages, and discover the value of an offshore address, and have credit card privacy, and the best identity theft protection available today. All of this and much more is found in Privacy Crisis; Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living by Grant Hall.

Accused Deadbeats... Buy Privacy Crisi E-Book Now!

Do you have a bank account and a home mortgage in your name, receive wage or salary checks payable to you, and rent a bank safe deposit box? You may face a lien on property or garnishment of wages.

Banking secrecy can be accomplished in the U.S.A. or anywhere in the world when you use a trust bank account, an anonymous safe deposit box and a Limited Partnership and learn how to hide money legally while achieving the best asset protection plan possible if you need it.

Did you know a Limited Partnership can be formed by a single individual and controlled anonymously by one person?

All of this is fully explained in the FINANCES and BUSINESS sections of Privacy Crisis.

Our e-book, Privacy Crisis; Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living by privacy expert, Grant Hall contains original information on privacy protection. Fully illustrated and in color, Privacy Crisis contains 28 chapters and 390 pages on privacy issues you face today. The book is available for purchase and immediate download and you may print out a hard copy for use while away from the computer.

You will learn the principles of anonymous banking, private bill payments, private investments, privacy for real estate and hard assets, how to have data protection from credit bureaus and the details of retirement accounts and your financial privacy.

You will benefit from Grant Hall’s financial privacy principles and money secrets and that are available in no other book or publication.


E-Book publisher, James Clark King, LLC provides a 100% money back guarantee if you are dissatisfied for any reason.

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Register your business or Professional
practice privately. Hold Investments including stocks, bonds, funds,
real estate and gold secretly while making them judgment proof.
Cash checks anonymously, make personal money invisible and
safe-in the U.S.A. Avoid IDENTITY THEFT, intrusions from scam
artists and sales vultures. Read how in PRIVACY CRISIS. Buy the
e-book today.

Business Owners, Investors, Practitioners, High Net Worth Individuals... Buy Privacy Crisi E-Book Now!

Worried about workplace privacy, data privacy, email privacy, and wondering how to live beneath the stalker radar? We can help you escape a stalker.

One in twelve women will be stalking victims during their lifetimes.

Learn to avoid or escape an internet stalker or a street stalker while as you practice home privacy as explained in our best-selling e-book. You can own or rent your home anonymously. SEE CHAPTERS 6,7,8,9

More than 80 percent of women who are stalked by a current or former lover are assaulted by him.

PRIVACY CRISIS is available for purchase and immediate download. You can be reading how to have total home privacy in just Five Minutes!

76 percent of the women murdered each year were previously stalked by their killers.

Our e-book will provide the secrets of how to escape a phone stalker, a street stalker, internet stalker or other harassment stalking that is ruining your life. You can have total home privacy, workplace privacy, banking secrecy and learn to practice secret travel.

Our business e-book, Privacy Crisis is 100% guaranteed.

Stalking Victims... Buy Privacy Crisi E-Book Now!

Are you depending on a large corporation to protect your identity? Do you pay expensive premiums each month for identity insurance while making your home phone, home address, credit bureau files and other personal privacy and data privacy information available to thousands of part-time employees?


You can protect your identity and prevent an identity thief from causing you to suffer from an expensive privacy invasion. Privacy Crisis; Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living has identity theft help and serves as a complete identity theft resource center as you practice privacy living, a better alternative to costly, identity theft insurance.

Our e-book offers protection from identity theft and identity theft scams and has many identity theft tips to help you avoid identity theft, a crime that occurs every few seconds and costs thousands of dollars to fix and years of your time-IF it can be fixed at all.

Prevent identity theft through home privacy, fraud theft protection, credit card theft protection, the use of a trust bank account or other banking secrecy methods that keep an identity thief away and let you have total financial privacy and home privacy. Your consumer privacy can be regained-even if you have been a victim of identity theft.

Learn to hide an IP address and hide identity from criminals and live behind an identity theft shield while practicing bulletproof privacy.

Our e-book has identity theft solutions IF you are an identity theft victim.

Identity Theft Victims... Buy Privacy Crisi E-Book Now!

PRIVACY SEEKERS: Tired of the same old ‘dead baby’ grave yard,
illegal schemes promoted by armchair, private investigators and
authors who advise sacking up your cash and taking in to third world
poop holes? How about authors who tell you how to make your
money invisible by using Nominees? Have you read about how to
make a new set of fake government I.D.’s on your home computer?
Think a ‘Banking Passport’ is a good idea? Stop Listening to
story teller authors!
You can control your money, remain
invisible with legal alternate identification, stay in the U.S.A.-all while
continuing to follow the law. Grant Hall’s proven methods are
explained in PRIVACY CRISIS. ALL LEGAL. Buy the e-book and
learn Grant Hall’s proven, modern, privacy principles and
concepts-all doable in the U.S.A.

Privacy Seekers... Buy Privacy Crisi E-Book Now!

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You can become a seller of Privacy Crisis: Identity Theft Prevention Plan and Guide to Anonymous Living by Grant Hall, the number 1, best-selling, identity theft and privacy e-Book sold on the internet today.

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Learn how to stay safe by protecting your privacy

Hi, I’m Grant Hall, author of Privacy Crisis. Privacy is not just a philosophy for me. I’ve had to learn about it and practice it. For four years, I avoided investigators, as my attorney advised me to do, to prevent a con artist
from draining my finances through a meritless civil lawsuit. Privacy tactics enabled me to avoid all court appearances and escape this frivolous, expensive-to- defend case totally unscathed. I wasted no money on attorneys’ fees or court costs and had no judgment entered against me—all because of the principles and concepts I describe in Privacy Crisis.

In the nearly 400 carefully researched pages
of Privacy Crisis, you will learn how to:

  • Lock out snoops from your credit files.
  • Live beneath the radar.
  • Escape stalkers.
  • Outwit identity thieves.
  • Prevent government phone taps.
  • Stop criminals from hacking into your
  • Bank secretly.
  • Make money and assets invisible.
  • Stop wage garnishments.
  • Get a permanent driver’s license.
  • And much, much more.

All of this can be done legally with Privacy
as your guide.

Personal Privacy Consultations with Grant Hall
Travel, Bank, Work and Live Anonymously. Buy the Privacy Crisis eBook Today!

Is there really a privacy crisis?

That’s not a question you’ll ask if you’ve ever had your identity stolen (America’s fastest-growing crime). Or if you’ve ever had snoops rifling through your credit files, hackers stealing your most personal computer information, or investigators trying to track you down for something you never did.

To say nothing of being hunted by an obsessive stalker, discovering that your phones are subject to government wiretaps, that your e-mail is being monitored, or that you’re the target of scam and con artists.

Your identity, your personal life, is your business—and no one should be invading it without your permission. If you want to protect your personal privacy and freedom, this book can tell you exactly how to do it.


right to privacy
“PRIVACY CRISIS is the best
how-to book you’ll ever read.”
Frank Whalen, Radio Talk show host & privacy advocate.

right to privacy
"Going to another country to invest did not appeal to me... everyone who values their privacy should have a copy.”
Jane - New York City

Privacy Crisis combats identity Theft
“Privacy Crisis provided much needed help following the loss of my identification - the result of an online scam.

right to privacy "It’s no secret that divorced dads are raked over the coals in today’s, unfair, family court system... I bought the Privacy Crisis E-book... and am finally making up my mind to defeat my enemies and take back my freedom. Your book, Privacy Crisis is worth thousands of dollars to me because this is what I have saved by reading it."
A.J. Texas

right to privacy "PRIVACY CRISIS is the most valuable
identity theft and financial privacy
book - EVER."
Elliot Shaikin, World renowned privacy expert &
president, 24/7 Private Vaults.

right to privacy “The ultimate book on working & living
your book may have saved my
Living peacefully without my Stalker
K. M., Western U.S.A. 

The PRIVACY CRISIS e-book is a Privacy seekers Dream!

The e-book can be downloaded immediately! Once you buy the book, you can begin finding the answers to your Privacy questions within 5 MINUTES from NOW! The e-book is so convenient and handy and requires no pesky online registrations, no trips to the book store or long waiting periods to receive your order-all common problems when purchasing hardbound books. Simply buy the book, download and activate it and begin reading within MINUTES from NOW!

You may be facing a pressing PRIVACY problem. You may need to stash your cash anonymously, need to know how to drive your car without being identified when ‘THEY’ run your plates or want to know how to work anonymously-all topics that are covered in PRIVACY CRISIS. And time may not be on your side. Get the answers to your PRIVACY questions IMMEDIATELY. BUY THE E-BOOK NOW! Begin reading and studying the e-book within 5 MINUTES from NOW!

For total privacy, pick up a prepaid Visa or MasterCard and buy your PRIVACY CRISIS e-book without a trace to the real you. Supermarkets sell prepaid Visa and Master Cards under a variety of brand names. Many supermarkets carry preloaded Master Cards and Visa cards that are good for purchases of up to $100 or more. These cards can be activated online in any name you choose, and
since the e-book requires no mailing address, you have no risk of anyone knowing your true identity.

Buy the Best Private Living Guide Available Online Today: Privacy Crisis.

Privacy Crisis Blog with Grant Hall
Information on how to travel, bank, work and live anonymously. Create a new identity, escape a stalker, practice bank secrecy and get Identity theft protection.

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Groups who can benefit from this book include divorced dads, businessmen, investors, high net worth individuals, privacy seekers and more.
Privacy you can bank on.


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